I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse

Firstly, I should apologize for my absence – saving the world and reaping the rewards from these damsels can be quite time consuming.



On a serious note, I have been without my laptop for a while now as well also dealing with recent career applications and acceptances which, in all honesty have had me tied up. –  I apologize and I will touch on the job subject on one of my upcoming posts.

Any ways, lets cut straight to the cheese here – let it rippppp

A while ago, I and my girl took a weekend trip away from where we reside, which is at London. We ended up at a her mates house in Coventry.
Her friend was kind enough to lend us his place – attic view, massive bed, PlayStation, flat screen TV and all sorts, kinda like a free hotel room.

Brings back memories I never had lol

The room actually looked like this #Swear

Anyway, after getting the keys and waving him off. I was left with this petite figured female in just a shirt – Seriously, she picked me up from the station in just a shirt thing.  – This led to the longest one hour and a bit before I finally isolated her from her peers.



A quick hug and a couple of smooches later after they had left, I decided we watch a movie. Luckily her dude friend had the whole Godfather series saved onto his PlayStation hard drive.



3 hours laterrr….. I’m kidding

Basically, we never made it through the movie but I could still remember certain clips from the film that resonated with me.

Since most of you reading this are smart and have adequate comprehensive skills, I’m going to paint out how a certain issue appears to me (in my head) using the movie characters/scene to make it more interesting.

The way Vito Corleone had forced the band leader guy to sign the Johnny Fontane contract is the same way I feel most guys are being pressured into certain choices.

Enough rambling, lets begin…

 Roll camera annnndddd, ACTION!

Roll camera annnndddd, ACTION!

*skips to the scene of Luca Brasi holding a gun to the head of the Band leader*

Here, Vito Corleone proposes the idea of signing a lifetime employment contact to the band leader. – Pretty weird, I know. Legally they are somewhat unenforceable you’d think, but not in this case. This case is different. It can happen, he IS the Godfather after all.

Vito: Since you’ll be signing it, full disclosure is needed.
The business has a 50% failure rate within the next 10 years, and in the case it does fail, you have to fork out 50% of your net worth at the time.

Band Leader- but, but..

Vito: Hold on, there’s more. Depending on what verdict is reached at court, you could be paying 40% – 60% of your earnings to your (at that time) former partner and this could last between 10-20 years.

Band Leader- So many drawbacks, what are the gains ?

Vito: You will receive a substantial part of Johnny Fontane’s net worth at the time – which could be the same shape of an egg. 0.

Band leader – Uhm, if the agreement was that great why would you need a business partner in the first place ? Further more, I am betting my future, as well as current assets on just what you have right now ?.
*Am I a learner though*

Are you 'avin a laugh mate ?

Are you ‘avin a laugh mate ?

Vito: In simple terms, Yes, you will be betting all that you’re worth on this. It’s like a sick game of chess, only difference is you wagered more and Jonny is allowed to cheat. (Casually throws in pun).
The contract also grants Johnny Fontane legal grounds to terminate the agreement at will, and this can be done without any rational reason.
Scenarios such as being “bored” with the agreement or “tired of being tied down”; not to mention the most common one, the “emergence of a new partner” are all accepted grounds for termination. – You just wake up and *poof* band  leader guy, you’re gone.

Band Leader: …

Rolling credits

Rolling credits

– Cast

Vito Corleone – Played by religion, society, etc.
Luca Brasi – Played by parents, family members.
The band Leader – My male brethren.
… guess who’s playing Johnny Fontane. ;).

“Luca Brasi held a gun to his head, and my father (Vito) assured him that either his brains or his signature would be on the contract.”

– Chances that it won’t happen seem slim, most guys won’t mind tying the not to be honest. Main thing I’d say is making sure your “Johnny Fontane” is contract worthy. Also,  you (as a man) are present and efficient enough in satisfying the needs for your little ones. You could argue there’s more to it, and you might be right (I’m always open to hearing people’s opinions) but as it stands, my priorities are different. They might change and they might not. We’ll see how things pan out.



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