Archive | October 2013


And we…..hung on the corridors of D-block.
Lunchtime at college, say about 12 o’clock.

Grab Kitten and the rest lets all go get some dixy.
Jermaine and Eman were always picking off us like they’re gypsies.

Barking College self proclaimed best set.
Thanks Rushpal, Ben and Liz Westhead.
Shit wasn’t always cool, but somehow you knew some sort of education would put us in a better bet.

We’re still on our break, wheres Grant headed.
It was early days but he still had the best med.
Grades – always as high. Just like that time in our econs class.
How is it down there ? eyes low already? –  fitting into the mass with the help of Mary.

Home girl sat with Nay at the back of the room.
Couple years later and we hardly talk, seems so soon.

Wait –

My phone just flashed.
A text that read “leave your class, I need to see you”.
Lied to the tutor  “Its an emergency, a possible number 2”.
They thought I had a problem with the amount of times I had to use the loo.

Haha Fuck it, I made the best of it.
Hot-spots around the school, I’m not referring to WiFi.
And getting caught by the teachers became regular, so “she had something in her eye” became my alibi.

Couldn’t stop me though, I was always looking.
Surfing through the halls with that shark-fin mohican.
And that black jacket people thought I’d lost. Nahh, actually I wonder if it was tossed.

Classes eventually ended but we still rolled.
Early weight sessions, the genesis that caused our bodies remold.
But the bus to Romford ran slow, so the stop became a spot.
Now its spotted flashbacks when I drive past those stops.

Arms day done but I still strained to yours.
Straight to work the next day, but I could handle today’s detour.

I didn’t want to lose those jobs just in case that April ever came again
The scare of my life, a somewhat enjoyable pain.

Anyways, life’s long and this is one hell of  a phase.
Candles still burning so you lot, please make it home safe.