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Who You Spend Time With Is Who You Become.

"I'm not competing with someone else, I'm competing with what I'm capable of"

“I’m not competing with someone else, I’m competing with what I’m capable of”


Most of us lower our standards – Why?

Because who you spend time with is who you become.
One of the biggest reasons why I try to do things on my own (Gym, work, uni, etc.) is because finding people with the same level or with  higher standards, are quite difficult to come by, especially in this generation.

Finding someone who lives to that standard you’re attaining to, and having the person constantly around you is very difficult. – For example, my first and best gym partner is studying at a different city so we only really train during the holidays. But then it’s too late cause we’re all catching up with other mates as well as working.

Hence why I advocate being estranged from certain groups, or if possible, convert someone into your beliefs or find someone that already shares in those beliefs.

Hibari type movements. Get to know.

Hibari type movements. Get to know.

Never  adopt, compare or settle for their low standards. 

I mention compare, which could also mean compete.

When you’re around people with low standards, to compete with them……You don’t have to compete with them. There’s no pressure to progress. – A different kind of plateau.

Look at shows like Jeremy Kyle, Jerry springer, 18 and preggers etc. I always wondered where they found people like them and why these kind of shows are so popular.


The reason is because you watch these people and go “My life is better than them, I don’t have to change, I’m already doing good”. – Blissfully entering that comfort zone again.

Comfort zones lead to obesity - true story

Comfort zones lead to obesity – true story

You don’t have to change. Once you get around people with low standards or that are performing less than you,  you automatically feel better, your happiness towards yourself spikes a little bit and you feel good. But alas, its an illusion.


I can’t be the only one that found this hilarious ?  *Sheldon Cooper moment*

The only thing that’s going to make you happy is stepping up. Raise the standard. Feel that pressure pushing through you, which will get you to that other side.

Don't bore me with the details. I'm doing this.

Don’t bore me with the details. I’m doing this.

Pretty short post I just wanted to get out before heading gym. I didn’t feel the need to emphasize on it any further, it’s pretty much easy to understand I reckon.

I’ve attached an link below for my readers to anonymously drop their thoughts, questions, comment or ideas on topics they might harbour. It’s all anonymous as I have previously mentioned, so don’t worry, you won’t get found out.

It’d be pretty dope to hear your perspectives.

Anyway, It’s like 10:45 pm now and I’ve got a squat rack with my name on it.
P.s I’ve finished on the interlude to “pull the trigger then bite the mango”, pretty sweet.

Here’s the link –



2014. Rituals.

My first post of 2014  – …and in a while if I am honest.
I had written other posts ages ago but they did not seem to have the urgency I wanted from them, I was not pushed to post them. – For this, I have no explanation.



BUTTT! I finally wrote a post that I actually enjoyed and, I actually looked forward to putting this one out – This post made me feel some type of way.



Anyways, as we all know, its 2014. BUT, most of us still seem to be living that old 2013 life. I have had people around me already walk into failures – and its only January ? :/

This post is basically my wake up call to them – and also others. We can all relate to this.
I offer insight on success and failure and how these are achieved. – This will be through rituals.

Growth baby

Growth baby!

It only takes fundamental basics to change your life.
It only takes a move then you do your life changes. – Raise your standards, expect more from yourself!

Have you ever challenged yourself to raise your standards but you failed ?
Basically, this is because you failed to keep up with you rituals.

As human beings, rituals define us.
All the results in our lives are determined by our rituals.

For example, if you are physically fit (Like myself 🙂 )you won’t share the same daily rituals with someone who is not physically fit.
I wake up, roll out of bed, make my coffee accompanied by my first meal of the day, slip on my shoes and then head to the gym.
If you’re not physically fit, you probably wake up, hit the snooze button on your phone then head back to bed. When you eventually wake up, you roll around in bed for a couple of minutes before actually leaving it to get some food (that’s probably going to raise your cortisol levels) before heading back to the same bed to begin killing your brain cells by watching some reality TV.

A couple more years, and that me on the left

Nuff said

– Still don’t understand ?

Another example then. If you are in a passionate relationship, you have a very different rituals compared to someone who is in a lousy one. In a lousy one you probably get home and start tweeting and messaging other people, in the process avoiding your spouse whilst the passionate ones are busy conversing through out the whole day; planning when next they are going to see each other and what they are going to do. – Girls that lost their guys to the “sidechick” phenomenon, the latter is what she was doing. Basically, everything you weren’t.

..Soon com ;)

..Soon com 😉

I digress….moving on

See, what I’ve learnt from my research and basic study on successful people and myself is that success and failure ARE NOT OVERNIGHT EVENTS.
They don’t just “show up”. You do not just “suddenly” become successful or “suddenly” have this cataclysmic event that makes you fail. It might look that way, but its not.
Failure comes from those little things….Failing to complete those little rituals.
Its failure to make that call, its failure to check you accounts, its failure to say “I am sorry”, its failure to push your self to do those things you did not want to do.
All those little failures day after day come together till one day a cataclysmic event happens and you blame that – That event happens because you missed all those little stuff.

The same can be applied to success. Success is having a vision, success is making it compelling, success is really feeling that dream every single day- living and breathing it, success is calling/messaging to say “I love you” in the middle of the day for no particular reason!. – How many relationships are dead today because they lack any surprise rituals. Countless mate.

You need to have some rituals, cool things you do that give you a better life. This can be applied to all areas of your life also.

My fave, the mental "Self-five"

Try one of my faves, the mental “Self-five”

There is a saying by some guy, “you are rewarded in public for what you practise in private”. – I couldn’t be asked to Google then cite the guy. Allow me, this ain’t uni work.

In conclusion, its pretty much as simple as that really.
Make your success rituals a lifestyle.

I believe!!!

Do you believe?!…I believe! *holds out arm*